Laughing guests enjoying a meal at Sea Change

Chef putting sauce on a fish dish


2009 James Beard award winner Chef Tim McKee designed the core menu for Sea Change which focuses on sustainable seafood, highlighting fisheries that use environmentally responsible methods of gathering and farming seafood. The menu also includes a number of items under the heading “Not Fish” as well as late night offerings of small plates and raw bar selections.

“I’m very committed to the idea of sustainable seafood,” McKee said, “which means buying from fisheries that are dedicated to making sure fish populations are well-managed. We’ll be looking at things like catch numbers and gathering methods in choosing our ingredients.”

Minneapolis based architectural firm Shea, Inc. also contributed to the restaurant’s “green” philosophy. They were able to locate timber from windstorm-felled redwoods, and had the reclaimed raw materials fashioned into furniture. Completing the circuit, Dallas-based Culinaire, Chef McKee’s partner in this venture, uses filtered water, available in both flat and sparkling versions, served in washable, reusable carafes rather than contribute to the carbon footprint made by plastic or glass disposable bottles.