Tim McKee

Winner of the 2009 James Beard Award for Best Chef Midwest, Chef Tim McKee is one of the most recognized and respected chefs throughout the Upper Midwest. In addition to the praise he’s garnered for Sea Change, he has earned critical acclaim for his Minnesota restaurants, most notably La Belle Vie. His talents have reaped well-earned praise from a wide range of regional and national food critics as well as his peers. His food style features intense flavors that are "balanced and presented in measured portions that compel the diner to savor each taste in turn."

Jamie Malone

Chef de Cuisine
Work: 612-225-6477
Email: jmalone@ciemail.com

Before receiving her culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Malone traveled extensively in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Europe, studying food and immersing herself in the nuances of each region's cuisine. She developed her passion for cooking in high school as an avid listener of NPR's The Splendid Table, which continues to inspire her to this day. She also admires and aspires to emulate renowned Chef Thomas Keller for his organization and commitment to the craft of cooking.

"Sea Change gives patrons well-researched options for sustainable fish that are not on everybody else's top five list," Chef Malone said. "One of my favorite menu items is barramundi. It is a super sustainable Australian catch. It's in the bass family, so our customers are familiar with its white flesh and firm texture, but this species has a nutty, buttery flavor that both surprises and delights."

Chef Malone says she tends to take a more gestalt approach to cooking than many of her male counterparts. She knows several female chefs who don't just think about what's going onto the plate, but they also visualize who will be eating it, who they might be with and how their entire dining experience will make them feel.

"I like working with my hands every day," enthused Chef Malone. "My short-term goals and my long-term ambitions are really the same: every day when I finish my work, I want to leave behind a dining room that still resonates with happy people."

In 2013 Jamie was named one of Food & Wine's Ten Best New Chefs of America.

Samantha Valesano

Pastry Chef

Sam has traveled the world sampling the local cuisine and working. Her travels took her to New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India and South East Asia and Antarctica- where she spent 6 months managing a bakery.  In 2011 her journeys lead her to Sea Change as the assistant pastry chef/ line cook. She is now thrilled to be the pastry chef at Sea Change and relishes producing edible works of art to compliment the award-winning dishes of Chefs Tim McKee and Jamie Malone.


Wine List created by William Summerville

With more than 16 years of restaurant experience, Summerville has developed his own following. Throughout the years he has become a master of customer service, the wine business, and restaurant management. He has first-hand knowledge of nearly every type of commercial dining establishment, from high-level fine dining at Charlie Trotter’s and D’Amico Cucina, to corporate multi-unit restaurants at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, to independent restaurants, including the original La Belle Vie and Solera.


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